(Translated by Angel)

Vu Linh's real name is Vo Van Ngoan. He was born on December 10, 1958 in Cho Lon, Vietnam.

Growing up in a poor family, he often fell behind in his education. At thirteen, his mother sent him to study voice at Van Phat music school, after which he switched to study Cai Luong with professor Van Vi.

In 1972, he left his family to travel with the troupe Dong Au Hoa The He, performing in many cities and towns.

After touring with Dong Au, Vu Linh joined the troupe Hoa Anh Dao Kim Chuong. It was there that he met actresses Dieu Hien and Truong Anh Loan. They adopted him, took him under their wings, and taught him all the intimacies of the performance art.

Vu Linh has performed for troupes such as Khanh Hong An Giang, Thien Nga, and Son Minh.

In 1981, Vu Linh returned to Saigon City for the first time, performing for the troupes Minh To and Huynh Long.

In 1983, he joined the troupe Lam Dong, touring and performing in many towns and cities.

In 1988, Vu Linh returned to Saigon City for the second time. This time he joined the performance troupe Tran Huu Trang 2. This year was truly the year Vu Linh finally achieved fame after struggling in his career for more than ten years. It was at this point that he brought Cai Luong Ho Quang's popularity back to the public, beginning with the show Xa Phu Di Su. After Xa Phu Di Su, Vu Linh was also credited for bringing the following Cai Luong Ho Quang performances back to high acclaim: Luong Son Ba - Chuc Anh Dai, Bang Qui Phi, Than Nu Dang Ngu Linh Ky, Chieu Quan Cong Ho. Vu Linh also participated in the success of the troupes Song Be 2 and Song Be 3.

In 1989, Vu Linh placed second among the ten most popular Cai Luong performers for that year. In 1990, he moved up to number one.

In 1991, Vu Linh won the Tran Huu Trang Gold Medal (Huy Chuong Vang), being the only male performer among the six Gold Medalists that year. The other winners were Thanh Thanh Tam, Ngoc Huyen, Tai Linh, Phuong Hong Thuy, and Thanh Hang.

In 1995, he was awarded first place in the Most Excellent Performer contest (Dien Vien Xuat Sac). This was the first of such contest by Tran Huu Trang. Vu Linh chose to portray Nguyen Dia Lo, the main character in the play Buc Ngon Do Dai Viet, to win this prestigious Tran Huu Trang award.

In 1997, Vu Linh was given the title Best Performer (Nghe Si Uu Tu).

Vu Linh's name has been going hand in hand with such famous plays as Hon Vong Phu, Giu Ao Bui Doi, Buc Ngon Do Dai Viet, Co Dao Hat, Luong Son Ba.

Vu Linh has made over 400 Ho Quang and Xa Hoi Cai Luong videos. He has also participated in many music videos such as Duyen Tinh and Tinh Doi. He has also appeared in two movies, Co Be Mong Mo and Bup Be Ky Quai.

Vu Linh has paired with many actresses on stage as well as in videos. They are Phuong Hong Thuy, Tai Linh, Thanh Thanh Tam, Ngoc Huyen, Thoai My, Thanh Hang, Thanh Ngan, Huong Lan, and Phuong Mai.

Vu Linh is the fourth child in a family of six siblings. His family and close friends affectionately call him Anh Nam. His younger sister and brother are also Cai Luong performers. They are Hong Nhung and Tieu Linh.

At the moment, he is still single and lives with his daughter, Vo thi Hong Loan.

For entertainment, he likes to fish and watch movies.

(Note: We compiled Vu Linh's mini-biography from articles about him in San Khau magazine)