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Vu Forum
(Please join our forum for more discussion of Vu Linh and his talents in Cai  Luong)

Vu Linh's Forum

(Old Forum for read only.)

Vu Linh's Little World of Cai Luong
(if you like poetry and medley, Phi Anh's Vuon Tho Thu Duc is the best site)

Vu Linh's Home by Keri Ton
(also dedicated only to Vu Linh, very nice and beautiful artworks)

Vu Linh's Website by Cam Tien
(one more webpage dedicated only to Vu Linh, the profile of Vu Linh is found exclusively at this site)

Vu Linh - Tai Linh
(dedicated only to Vu Linh and Tai Linh by Cam Thuy and Cam Tien)

Vu Linh - Phuong Hong Thuy
(dedicated only to Vu Linh and Phuong Hong Thuy)

Vu Linh - Ngoc Huyen
(you can find lots of video's detailed summary in this site by TT) 

Vu Linh - Tai Linh
(by Phuong Linh, a very cute fan from Viet Nam)

Cai Luonng Viet Nam
(Last but not least, everything about cai luong is here. If you are a true cai luong fan, is the one)

Co Hoc Tinh Hoa
(collection of short stories in Vietnamese, very thought provoking)