(Translated by Angel)

First, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to our webmaster, Tom. Thank you, Tom, for helping us complete and put this site up for worldwide view. Without your expertise, we would not have this site. Tom, thank you very much.

This site is dedicated to Vu Linh, one of the best artists in Cai Luong, a Vietnamese performance art. Cai Luong means "renovated theatre". Not only is Vu Linh the best artist of his generation, he also helps to spread the art of Cai Luong abroad. Cai Luong is one of the oldest traditional performance arts originating in the Southern part of Viet Nam.

Our love for Cai Luong comes from Vu Linh. His wonderful voice and fabulous performance have been captivating almost all listeners and viewers inside and outside of Viet Nam.

Vu Linh brought our appreciation for Cai Luong to a new level. Cai Luong is no longer just a performance art for the Southern part of VN, but is THE voice for art for Viet Nam.

We adore and respect Vu Linh not only for his talents, but also for his humanitarian efforts, his devotion to Cai Luong, and most of all his love for his family, friends, and colleagues.

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